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UTP Maintenance is the global leader in the repair, maintenance, and overlay welding segment. Swedish ME Steel has partnered with Voestalpine Böhler Welding to bring UTP Maintenance products and tailor made solutions to you.

UTP Maintenance delivers innovative, tailor-made welding filler metals for unalloyed and fine-grained structural steel, low-grade alloyed steels, rust-proof, acid-proof, and heat-proof steels, nickel-based alloys, cast iron, copper and copper alloys, manganese steels, tool steels, and cobalt steels.

Swedish ME Steel and UTP M&R welding products signed to supply welding consumables for application of all welding methods like Covered Electrodes (SMAW), TIG Rods (GTAW), Solid wires (GMAW), Gas shielded cored wires (FCAW-G), Open arc cored wires (FCAW-O), Solid wires, Cored wires and Fluxes (SAW), Strip cladding Equipments and consumables, Thermal Spray - Powders, Cored wires, PTA Powders. In total, over 600 products!

Swedish ME Steel specialist to offer welding electrodes for hardfacing, work hardening, surface protection, crack repair, surfacing electrodes for antiwear, anticorrosion applications. Decades of industry experience and application know-how in the areas of repair as well as wear and surface protection, combined with innovative and tailored products, guarantee customers an increase in the productivity and protection of their components.

Swedish ME Steel is a Exclusive distributor for UTP M&R Products and Applications fields are Tank Construction, Power plant construction and Power plant Maintenance, Liquid Gas Tanks / LNG, Chemical plant construction, Petrochemical Industry, Environmental engineering, Ship building, Ship repair, Offshore, Steel Production, Food Industry, Mining and Building Material Industry, Automobile Industry, Aluminium industry, Soldering, Maintenance and repair workshops.

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  • In steel works, we have solutions for the welding on of continuous casting rollers where particularly high demands are placed on temperature and wear resistance with our specially conceived and proven flux-cored wires.
  • In the cement industry, there's high mineral wear combined with a heavy impact load. Our stick electrodes were developed especially for use on vertical mills, crushers, and hammers.
  • In the mining industry, the most diverse minerals present big challenges. Our engineers will be present on-site in order to help you identify the underlying problem and select the right products.

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