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Modern Engineering & Tool Steel

Toolox in India, Official Toolox Distributor

Over the last few decades there have been tremendous developments in production efficiency, service life analysis, and machining technology. But what about the steel?

Most of the steel in the market is based on specifications too old to keep up with the realities and requirements of today’s workshops and end customers. Toolox is a modern, ready to use engineering and tool steel designed to address exactly this. Based on a low alloy concept, Toolox offers best in class crack resistance, dimensional stability, and precision. And it allows you to eliminate the heat treatment process.

Toolox in India, Official Toolox Distributor
Ready To Use

Toolox is delivered pre-hardened and ready to use. It eliminates the need for heat treatment and adjustments, thus saving you time and money. And because of its low carbon content you can machine Toolox with ease.

Toolox in India, Official Toolox Distributor
Tested & Guaranteed Physical Properties

Each plate of Toolox is produced by SSAB in Sweden and undergoes the most rigorous testing in the industry. For each plate and round you will receive an individual certificate guaranteeing hardness, toughness, thickness, flatness, surface condition, and more.

Toolox in India, Official Toolox Distributor
Excellent Toughness & Fatigue Characteristics

Thanks to a low carbon concept and a very high cooling rate, Toolox is 2 to 3 times tougher than comparable steels of similar hardness. This means very good crack resistance. Furthermore, the ultra high cleanliness of Toolox means cracks will first be seen on the surface.

Heat resistant - Toolox steel in India, Official Toolox Distributor
Heat Resistant

Toolox is quenched and tempered at 590°C giving it properties at elevated temperatures many other steels don't have. These include high wear resistance and high compressive yield strength at elevated temperatures.

Designed To Be Shaped. Toolox in India, Official Toolox Distributor
Designed To Be Shaped

Toolox provides you with an excellent substrate for machining, polishing, texturing, welding, gas cutting, and EDM. This is achieved because Toolox has ESR properties a low carbon content which results in high homogeneity and cleanliness. Take Toolox 33 vs 1.2312 for instance, which at same milling speed allows for 3x insert life length or allows for 20% faster milling speed.

Surface Engineering by Toolox in India, Official Toolox Distributor
Suitable For Surface Engineering

The high hardness and toughness of Toolox make it an ideal substrate for surface treatments such as nitriding. Such processes open up a further range of applications where surface pressures are high and when greater wear resistance is required. With nitriding it is possible to reach surface hardness of up to 65 HRC

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Brochure - Toolox - Ready To Use
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Toolox In Machine Components

Toolox in India

There is an endless permutation of applications, each with a set of performance requirements. Traditionally a choice had to be made from a long list of engineering and tool steels to meet these requirements.

The unique chemical and mechanical properties of Toolox make that choice easier and more economical. Toolox can contribute to an optimized design, faster manufacturing, increased service life, and lower maintenance costs.

Toolox in India
Service Life

The combination of hardness, toughness, and fatigue properties lead to a longer lifetime of machine components. And the consistency of those properties ensures uniform wear avoiding unexpected failures.

Toolox in India
Rethink Machining

Toolox easily exceeds machining requirements thanks to its flatness, tight tolerances, dimensional stability, homogeneity, and low residual stresses. It is possible to machine in any direction, closer to the final contours, and with higher intensity.

Toolox in India
Higher Productivity

Eliminating the need for heat treatment and adjustments leads to reduced manufacturing and maintenance time. This means you'll be up and running in less time.

Toolox in India
Heat Resistant

Toolox is able to maintain wear properties, impact toughness, and high compressive yield strength at elevated temperatures.

Toolox In Moulding

Toolox in Moulding

Toolox makes for an excellent steel in plastic and rubber moulds. Even though the cost of the tooling materials in a mould usually represents only 5–10% of the tool cost, it is crucial to select the tool steel that ensures high productivity and long mould lifetime.

Mould makers and end customers around the world are increasingly selecting Toolox 33 and Toolox 44 as the new standard over the traditional grades of P20, H13, and 420.

Toolox in india
Mould Life

Guaranteed hardness across the steel, high toughness compared to similar steels, and the homogenous structure address the most common mechanisms of failure, thus increasing mould life.

Toolox suppliers in india
Polishing & Texturing

Steel selection is important for polished moulds. Toolox has ultra high cleanliness and allows intricate texturing – both big plusses.

Toolox suppliers in india
Higher Productivity

Eliminating the need for heat treatment and adjustments leads to reduced manufacturing and maintenance time. This means you'll be up and running in less time.

Toolox distributor in india
Fast Cooling

The high thermal conductivity of Toolox means shorter breaks as your mould is cooling and thus greater output.

Toolox In Cold Forming

Toolox in Cold froming, Official Toolox Distributor, Cold forming steel

One of the biggest challenges in cold forming is the combination of wear and impact. Traditional solutions often deal with the former, but have problems with the latter resulting in all kinds of blanking and punching dies cracking. And let's not forget the machining headaches and time wasted on heat treatment and adjustments.

We recommend Toolox 44 and Toolox 44 Nitrided all of which provide the right combination of strength, hardness and toughness for your application.

Die Life

The incredible toughness of Toolox eliminates a common problem – cracking. Thus, dies that lasted 10,000 punches can now survive much longer as the main mode of failure becomes wear.

Rapid Production Time

Workshops love Toolox because they not only eliminate heat treatment and adjustments, but they also offer tighter tolerances (less material to machine) and easier machining.

Lower Overall Cost

Savings from prolonged service life and easier die prodction combined with the ability to offer more confident guarantees on your dies results in some serious cost savings.

Surface Quality

Many stamping applications require a certain surface quality, which Toolox delivers in spades.

Toolox In Extrusion

Toolox in Extrusion, Extrusion steel

The most common failure mechanisms when working with extrusion are wear, plastic deformation and cracking. Customers have chosen Toolox 44 with nitriding over similar steels for the longer die life and better cost analysis.

Less Cracking steel
Less Cracking

Toolox exhibits much higher toughness than steels with the same hardness. This combined with the cleanliness of the steel which eliminates internal cracks means your die will last longer.

Nitriding steel

Toolox excellent substrate for surface engineering, including nitriding. You can nitride Toolox up to 65 HRC.

Higher Productivity steel
Higher Productivity

Eliminating the need for heat treatment and adjustments leads to reduced manufacturing and maintenance of the extrusion dies. Also, the number of times you nitride is reduced.

Thermal Conductivity tool steel
Thermal Conductivity

The high thermal conductivity of Toolox results in superior performance against heat checking.