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Every major industry in the region is facing challenges today that require a new way of thinking and new solutions. Businesses cannot afford to continue to do what they've always done if they want to survive and remain competitive.

Swedish ME Steel has significantly expanded its maintenance and repair (M&R) product offering and capabilities in order to help customers successfully overcome these challenges.

  • Products from UTP Maintenance include high-quality industrial-use welding consumables for maintenance, repair, advanced joining, and overlay welding. Drawing on over 100 years of experience and innovation, UTP Maintenance is a global leader in maintenance and repair.

  • Products from Antidesgast include a large selection of high quality wear resistant materials from ceramics to ALTCROM cladded plates and pipes.

  • Products from DURUM include high performance welding and surfacing wires and powders. DURUM is a global leader in the supply of specialized overlaying consumables that can be applied by a range of processes.
In addition to setting up local inventory in Sharjah of the aforementioned products, Swedish ME Steel can assist in the design and engineering of components as well as provide technical support.

Whether you're a crusher in Fujairah looking to increase your processing capacity, a workshop in Dubai looking to weld reapir a large component safely, a steel maker in Abu Dhabi looking to reduce your reliance on expensive OEM spare parts, or a cement factory in Sharjah looking to minimize unexpected shutdowns – Swedish ME Steel is at your service and a phone call away.
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