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News Archive

News Archive

24th of August 2020, Swedish ME Steel celebrates its 10th year anniversary!

Coming together is the beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.
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Anniversary offer valid from Aug 24th to Sep 2nd 2020
*terms & conditions apply

Webinar on Usage of Prehardened steel in cold forming applications

The webinar focusses on the usage of new generation prehardened tool steel for cold forming applications. Various forms of cold forming processes which include Forming, Deep drawing, Progressive tools, Cutting, Bending applications will be discussed during the webinar. Various applications from the industry where we have replaced the traditional tool steels with our prehardened steel and the webinar focus and covers every aspect right from design, manufacturing, production, and how it can save time and money when compared to traditional cold working tool steels will be discussed during the Webinar.

Webinar on Toolox Prehardened Tool Steel for reducing manufacturing time of tools

The webinar touch on the different areas of the prehardened tool steel and how it can increase the productivity and lower the manufacturing time using conventional tool steel. We also discussed about the various application and its case studies from across the globe catering to various customer demands. This webinar covers latest trends about the material and also the process.

Seminar on Tool steel was successfully held on 15.10.2019 & 17.10.2019

Group photo with Pune Seminar attendees, Toolox seminar

Group photo with Bangalore Seminar attendees

Group photo with Pune Seminar attendees, Toolox seminar

Group photo with Pune Seminar attendees

Swedish ME Steel held a seminar in Pune and Bangalore on 15.10.2019 & 17.10.2019 to make awareness on the process innovation involved in the manufacturing of Toolox material and also the various engineering applications where Toolox has been used.
Stallin Lakshmikandhan, Senior Regional Sales Engineer Giving welcome note in Bangalore Seminar, Toolox seminar

Stallin Lakshmikandhan, Senior Regional Sales Engineer Giving welcome note in Bangalore Seminar

Umakant Bansi Toge Sales Engineer Giving welcome note in Pune Seminar

Umakant Bansi Toge Sales Engineer Giving welcome note in Pune Seminar

The seminar was attended by customers from all engineering segments like Injection Moulding, Press Tools, Die Casting, Tool Holders manufacturers and Forging customers. Both seminars Pune and Bangalore had 100+ peoples from companies like Tata, Bajaj, Magna, Minda, Tata Ficosa, Trend Technologies, Hitek Corporation, Helvoet, Steer, Ashok Leyland and many companies
Jonas Högström, MD, SMS Giving SMS & SSAB company introduction, Toolox seminar

Jonas Högström, MD, SMS Giving SMS & SSAB company introduction

Baris Yildirim, Key Account Manager, SSAB  Shared his experience and new applications globally, Toolox seminar

Baris Yildirim, Key Account Manager, SSAB Shared his experience and new applications globally

The seminar included Toolox manufacturing process, case studies and success stories involving Toolox 33 and Toolox 44 material. Seminar facilitated the exchange of opinions and expertise regarding the tooling industry. This seminar enlightened a lot of attendees about the benefits of Toolox 44 and how it can resolve their issues.

There was an Q & A session post discussion whereas, several questions were asked by attendees which were related to the challenges they face in their respective industry in a day to day basis.

Here are some seminar feedback from the attendees.

“Instead of P2 material we can use Toolox for tools. Good, we used in our industry. From this seminar we got good knowledge about Toolox material.”

Lakshman G, Presston Engineering Co

“Toolox 44 can be tried out for plastic moulds instead of H13, It was a good & informative session.”

Antony Rufeena, Sundaram Auto Components Limited

“We learnt more about Toolox and the usage in Tooling Industry. Very information and very good seminar”

S Ravi K Reddy, Moti international

“Going to try this Toolox 33 for next project please support in technical side. Nice to see the advance steel for the faster machining with leads our time. Good seminar”

Balaji.S, konitechIndia

“Replacement P-20 with Toolox to be done. Its useful seminar”

Arun Kumar, Spectrum Tool Engineers Pvt, Ltd

Hello M&R

Every major industry in the region is facing challenges today that require a new way of thinking and new solutions. Businesses cannot afford to continue to do what they've always done if they want to survive and remain competitive.

Swedish ME Steel has significantly expanded its maintenance and repair (M&R) product offering and capabilities in order to help customers successfully overcome these challenges.
  • Products from UTP Maintenance include high-quality industrial-use welding consumables for maintenance, repair, advanced joining, and overlay welding. Drawing on over 100 years of experience and innovation, UTP Maintenance is a global leader in maintenance and repair.
  • Products from Antidesgast include a large selection of high quality wear resistant materials from ceramics to ALTCROM cladded plates and pipes.
  • Products from DURUM include high performance welding and surfacing wires and powders. DURUM is a global leader in the supply of specialized overlaying consumables that can be applied by a range of processes.
In addition to setting up local inventory in Sharjah of the aforementioned products, Swedish ME Steel can assist in the design and engineering of components as well as provide technical support.

Whether you're a crusher in Fujairah looking to increase your processing capacity, a workshop in Dubai looking to weld reapir a large component safely, a steel maker in Abu Dhabi looking to reduce your reliance on expensive OEM spare parts, or a cement factory in Sharjah looking to minimize unexpected shutdowns – Swedish ME Steel is at your service and a phone call away.

Swedish ME Steel and SSAB Bring Toolox to India

It’s official. Swedish ME Steel is increasing the scope of its partnership with SSAB to cover the Western and Southern Indian Subcontinent.

India is a fast growing market with incredible opportunities for Toolox in tools used by the automotive industry and fast moving consumer goods and machine components in precision engineering and maintenance operations.

Toolox is a modern tool and engineering steel with properties that traditional steels cannot match. Whether it’s a high quality polishability or the fact that you can avoid risk prone heat treatment, Toolox has already been getting a very good response with key customers Swedish ME Steel has developed.

What makes things even more exciting is the ”Make in India" initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi covering 25 major sectors wanting to produce components, tools, products all in India. Swedish ME Steel is perfectly positioned to support this initiative with a ready to use steel.

With Die Mould India 2016 just around the corner on April 6-9, the timing couldn’t have been better. Visit Swedish ME Steel at Hall 1A Stand C18 of the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.

TAGMA International Tooling Summit

Dies and moulds form an integral part of production process in almost every industry and considered the mother industry for manufacturing. A significant increase in investment in tooling and greater economies of scale is essential is for India to become cost competitive on the global manufacturing stage.

The International Tooling Summit 2016 organised by TAGMA and The Economic Times is a platform to highlight efforts, trends, and strategies of the the tool manufacturing industry.

This two day summit gathered major suppliers, tool manufactures and end customers to address the industry’s growth challenges, meeting the skills gap, and focus on new materials and new technologies in manufacturing tools, dies and moulds. We were invited to attend as well as introduce Toolox to India’s major tool makers, executives from the automotive industry, and government officials.

In his technical seminar, “New Generation of Prehardened Steels,” Håkan Engström from SSAB shared a vision of an industry able to move quickly and be flexible, in part by using quality raw materials and integrating production and heat treatment of the tool steel so it is ready to use and suitable for a multitude of applications.

The positive feedback and high levels of interest following the seminar left us excited to continue talking about Toolox and helping Indian industry realise its potential.

New Round Bar Product Offer

SSAB is introducing a wider range of Toolox round bars as well as brand new Hardox round bars with the same guaranteed proper­ties as in the plate products. This offers customers with engineering, tool, and wear resistant applications new possibilities for stronger and lighter product design and thus improved material efficiency.

Toolox and Hardox round bars represent a definite step forward in steel development. The ultra-high cleanliness and low alloy chemistry, in combination with an optimised heat treat­ment process, has made it possible to create superior strength, wear resistance, and toughness.

Today’s customers in the industry requires faster time to market and higher performance of the product. Hardox and Toolox round bars, delivered quenched and tempered to high tensile strength and hardness levels, represent entirely new possibilities for stronger and lighter product design. The need for heat treatments on standard steel grades is eliminated, and the time-to-market becomes shorter.

"We have proven engineering applications for Toolox round bars in tool holders, and also in different types of shafts and rolls”, says Joaquín Azcona, Head of the Product Group, Protection & Tooling. "The use of these new bars gives possibilities to optimize workshop procedures such as machining, welding and polishing."

As of today, Swedish ME Steel carries Hardox 400, Toolox 33, and Toolox 44 round bars in a variety of diameters in its UAE and India stock. Our engineers are standing by to discuss your specific requirement and answer any and all technical questions. Contact us today.

SSAB Introduces New High Strength Steel

Strenx is a new high-strength structural steel product brand, which offers the most extensive portfolio of high-strength steels on the market. This will open up new competitive possibilities for customers to make stronger, lighter and more sustainable products.

Strenx is designed for sectors where structural strength and weight savings are key competitive factors, especially in the lifting, handling and transportation industry. Strenx is also well-suited for agriculture, the frames of heavy mobile machines, rolling stock, offshore and construction sectors. Now customers will be able to design more competitive and sustainable products – cranes that reach further, trailers that carry more payload, trucks that use less fuel.

“For customers, this is a totally unique product since Strenx now covers the three product brands Optim, Weldox and Domex that are well-known trademarks of SSAB and the former Ruukki. Strenx embodies our over 50 years of experience in high-strength steels,” says Gregoire Parenty, Head of Market Development at SSAB.

Strenx features the world’s widest choice of high-strength structural steels both in terms of strength and dimensional range. Yield strengths range from 600 Mpa to 1300 Mpa, which is the strongest steel available on the market. Strenx is available in plate, strip and tubular products in thicknesses ranging from 0.7 to 160 mm.

For more information watch the video below and visit the dedicated Strenx page.

DURUM at Arabia Essen Welding & Cutting

Join us at the 2015 edition of Arabia Essen Welding & Cutting from 10 to 13 January at Dubai World Trade Centre. Our partners from DURUM will be at the German Pavillion exhibiting their latest welding and wear solutions, and SMS will be present to meet local customers.

DURUM VERSCHLEISS-SCHUTZ GMBH was established in 1984 as a manufacturer of advanced hard-facing products, including high performance welding and surfacing wires and powders. DURUM is a global market leader in the supply of specialized overlaying consumables that can be applied by a range of processes including: Flux Cored Wire, Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Welding, Oxy-fuel Welding, Thermal Spray Powder and Wire.

Drilling Toolox 44

The experts at SSAB have been working hard to put together a brand new video covering demonstrations as well as recommendations on common drilling situations when working with Toolox 44.

We're Everywhere!

Whether in Dubai, Mumbai, or Frankfurt, Swedish ME Steels is participating in quite a few events. We just came off very successful Big 5 (UAE) and Euromold (Germany) exhibitions (photos here and here) and have Plastivision India coming up.

We look forward to meeting you out there and get a chance to talk about our favourite topic – steel. In the meantime, visit our Facebook page for all the latest news and applications.


Swedish ME Steel would like to congratulate His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and the people of the UAE for their inspirational campaign that has landed Expo 2020.

Meet us at Arabiamold 2014

Join us at the 2014 edition of Arabiamold from 7 to 10 April at Expo Centre Sharjah, Hall 4 - 1100. You can expect brand new Toolox case studies, product samples and demonstrations. Mould makers and end customers around the world and in the region are increasingly selecting Toolox as the new standard over the traditional steel grades of P20, H13, and 420.

We are excited about new business opportunities when it comes to upgrading to Toolox. However, a big part of us being at this exhibition is to meet our existing customers to discuss how we can help them even more. Our local and Swedish experts are ready for you.

And as always we'll be posting live updates and #Toolox moments from the exhibition floor on Facebook and Twitter.

Machining Made Easy

We organized a series of machining seminars and demonstrations over the course of 2 days. Led by a SSAB machining specialist, customers got practical recommendations, strategies, and tools to significantly increase productivity and tool life when working with Toolox and Hardox.

The great response of this event means we'll have to do it again in the near future. For any machining or technical support in the meantime, you can contact us or take a look at the workshop guidelines.

10 Years Club Toolox

SSAB celebrates the 10th anniversary of Club Toolox. The Toolox history begins 12 years ago when SSAB decided to develop pre- hardened engineering/tool steel with excellent machining properties. Today, Toolox is increasingly common in moulds, dies, and machine components...

Full Press Release

Steel Mill Applications

Whether in the coking plant or the rolling mill, material processing or quality assurance, Toolox has proven to lower manufacturing costs and provide increased reliability and lifetime. Get in touch today and we'll share our Steel Mill Application Album and technical experience.

Aluminium Industry Rapid Growth

The Aluminium Middle East show achieves record numbers during a time when the Aluminium industry is seeing a boom. This means a lot of fabrication, extrusion, and maintenance – all areas where Toolox can contribute. Take a look at the photos on our official facebook page.

2013 Starts Well

The annual Steel Fab exhibition attracts an interesting mix of customers and partners. For us it was another chance to talk about Hardox, Toolox, Prelaq, and more. Photos can be found on our official facebook page.

Happy UAE National Day

Thank You For Visiting Us At Big 5

Over 50,000 visitors descended on this year's Big 5 exhibition and we were there to talk Toolox, Prelaq, and other SSAB steels. Enjoy the selection of photos posted from the event and the seminars we organized alongside it over on our official facebook page.

Club Toolox Slovenia

Ten years on and there's still more to discover in Toolox products and applications. The event – held in Slovenia – kicked off with SSAB announcing brand new Toolox 40 and availability of round bars with very good toughness. This was followed by partner applications as well as a tour of DaMaTech and Metal Ravne..

Fast Delivery?

As the demand for Toolox has been rising, so has our desire to serve you better. That's why we're pleased to announce our setup of new warehouse and cutting facilities which means you'll be able to get the grades and sizes you need faster than ever.

Arabiamold 2012 A Great Success

The private seminars were excellent, the stand was bustling with activity, and a lot of new connections were made. We even had the honour of explaining our offerings to HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Salim bin Sultan Al Qasimi. You can see more event photos on our official facebook page.