Advanced Hardfacing Solutions

With more than 30 years experience in the development, manufacture and marketing of materials based on tungsten carbides, Durum has become a global market leader in advanced hardfacing solutions.

The DURMAT® product range includes some of the most advanced tungsten hardfacing solutions in the form of high performance welding and surfacing wires and powders. These are suited for most industries such as natural gas extraction and oil recovery, mining, construction, chemical, cement, steel, aluminium, ceramics, agriculture, textile, glass, and recycling.

Time and time again companies claim to have consumables for "wear" without understanding that there is many different types of wear and what causes them. Finding the right solution depends on determining many different factors.

Together, we can deploy solutions with DURMATĀ® products that protect against abrasion, friction, impact wear, corrosion, thermal stress and any other type of wear you are facing.

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